Dec 14, 2015 | Admin

Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Website

WordPress evolved as a blogging platform but it is not limited to just blogging. In present context, WordPress is used to create fully fledged modern business website and the options we can generate through WordPress Content Management System (CMS) are just limitless.

Well it is one of the most asked questions that ‘why to choose wordpress for my new website?’ There are several reasons to use wordpress as CMS for your website and in this blog post, we will discuss top 5 reasons.

  1. WordPress is super easy to use and manage

WordPress is so easy to use that any non-tech person can learn how to use it without any technical support. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can add, edit or update multiple contents with ease. Therefore this easy to learn WordPress is getting popular day by day and is the number one reason that you must use it.

  1. Google and other search engines like WordPress

WordPress and google are like best friends. They like each other. I mean to say that due to easy SEO customizable options, websites that uses wordpress are much likely to appear higher during google search results. High quality codes compatibility and semantic mark up makes wordpress very interesting to search engines. Therefore wordpress is favored by many around the globe.

  1. WordPress websites are secure

WordPress CMS is created with high level of online security system to make every website safe and secured from unauthorized users. However, uncertainty persists everywhere. Tip: Keep your password that no one can guess and change it on regular basis to be on safe side.

  1. WordPress supports different media types

WordPress is not just about words. Along with texts, there are several other media types that you can integrate on your wordpress site easily. From audio clip, images and video there are many options that you can present them effectively to make your website more beautiful, informative and effective.

  1. WordPress is most trusted and used CMS

Recent online survey shows that approximately 22% of websites on internet uses wordpress as CMS and it is millions in numbers. WordPress is actually anopen source software which basically means it doesn’t cost to download and developers from all around the globe contribute in making it better every day. WordPress is updated on regular basis and you can always trust the trust of millions.