Our Team


Parashu Ram Nepal has been involved in the website development industry since 2001. From the time that Parashu was a youth, he has had an avid interes ...

Project Manager/SEO Analyst

Parashu Ram Nepal


Suman, a design savvy, leads our web design team in creating high quality, modern designs that really connect with people. He believes in the power of ...

Lead Designer/Programmer

Suman Suwal


Sakesh is a long-time member of Vertex Solution’s content writing team and a professional content writer in Nepal with more than five years of conte ...

Creative Writer/SEO Writer

Sakesh Karanjit


Suresh is the SEO GEEK and digital analyst at Vertex Solution. Although other team members help Suresh as a catalyst by crafting SEO friendly coding, ...

Search Engine Optimizer

Suresh Tamrakar

Excelling with an ability to write variety of web contents, Dhiren prioritizes on placing our client’s concepts and ideas into meaningful words. Dhi ...

Content Writer

Dhiren Rai

Displaying an immense prospect for designing unique and inimitable websites, Prabha plays one of the most important roles in carrying out many of our ...

Web Designer

Prabha Prajapati

Here at Vertex Solution Inc. Rakesh largely performs SEO related activities and offers Search Engine Optimization services to perk up our client’s w ...

SEO Specialist/ Webmaster

Rakesh Prajapati

Another integral member of Vertex Solution Inc. is Sagar who always focuses on delivering slick quality web designs for our running projects. Original ...

Web Developer

Sagar Sangam Rai


Shanti is lucky enough to have found the perfect career as a web designer and developer as she gets to exercise both sides of her analytical yet creat ...

Web Designer

Shanti Acharya


Designated as office assistant, Shushma dynamic lady pursuing her work from bookkeeping, accounting, data entry, call receiving to all other administr ...

Office Assistant

Sushma Shrestha