Parashu Ram Nepal

Project Manager/SEO Analyst

Parashu Ram Nepal has been involved in the website development industry since 2001. From the time that Parashu was a youth, he has had an avid interest in computers and communication. Parashu boasts degree of Masters in Computer Application with specialization in Web Technology Management from Sikkim Manipal University. Having been involved in the web Designing/Development industry; he has established himself as an experienced Web Manager and manages the projects at Vertex Solution. He is an avid search engine optimization professional in Nepal who is persistent in keeping up to date on any SEO strategy changes by the major search engines.

At Vertex Solution, Parashu is an advocate for clients, ensuring that they can look to Vertex Solution as trusted advisor and partner. He works hands-on with our clients to guarantee that their projects are delivered successfully, smoothly and completed on time. As an adept at website development, troubleshooting, website programming and organizing related contents and SEO matters, he leads the web design/development and the SEO team and monitors the work at office ensuring the quality and customer care that Vertex Solutions focuses on is maintained on every project. vertex.solution