Sakesh Karanjit

Creative Writer/SEO Writer

Sakesh is a long-time member of Vertex Solution’s content writing team and a professional content writer in Nepal with more than five years of content writing experience. Sakesh is proficient search engine friendly content writer. He is an expert for writing optimized content that makes sense for Google algorithm updates, which means better transparency when sharing information and focusing on putting your customers’ needs first. Customers help us deliver high quality content by making us thoroughly understand their requirements and Sakesh makes efforts to keep their content simple and precise to reach mass of our customers’ customers. Sakesh produces original and plagiarism free web content that the major search engine likes. Sakesh also helps our SEO team by doing regular updates to our clients’ website, writing fresh content and blog articles to the SEO projects Vertex Solution handles. Sakesh says, “Good SEO to me is creating high quality content that will be shared across the web. If your content is great, you will definitely get more mileage out of it.” sakesh.vertexsolution