WordPress is a simple SEO friendly open source CMS platform based on PHP MySql database system that we use to create beautiful website. And we are not only one to use it; in today’s world it is proven fact that nearly one of every four website is powered by wordpress making it the most popular and large community based web software. From developing simple dynamic website to large business ecommerce and travel website, wordpress is used everywhere.

Our programmers and developers love to build a website for you using wordpress mainly because of following reasons:

1. SEO friendly:

Websites developed on wordpress platform usually ranks higher at search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. because of SEO friendly markups and coding used. Also there are varieties of SEO plugins to choose from for SEO oriented content optimization for your website.

2. Simple and user friendly CMS:

WordPress is the most simple and user friendly content management system which implies that you do not need to have special programming skills for adding, updating and managing overall contents of your website. From simple text contents to digital image and video contents you can add, edit and manage with ease. Therefore it is the cost effective way of managing contents without hiring a technical person.

3. Large community based CMS platform:

WordPress is supported by large group of users, programmers and community as a whole. Being an open source CMS platform, people work hand on hand to make it better day by day. It is updated on regular basis with added features and removal/fixture of bugs. If there is an issue, then there are large group of people with solution making it the best CMS platform.

4. Affordable:

WordPress is affordable because it is open source content management system, which means free to download and everyone can share their knowledge willingly. Also as mentioned, it is also user friendly which doesn’t require hiring extra technical person for manage contents making it most affordable CMS platform available.

5. Easy customizable with tons of plugins:

WordPress offers thousands of themes to install and choose from which can modify the overall look of your website and tons of plugins to install for added functionality. We can customize the website exactly as per our client’s needs. Either it be adding a location map, social media icons, trip advisor widgets, booking forms, managing payment gateway or simply creating image gallery and responsive slider; everything can be done in the website built under wordpress platform.

6. Added blogging feature:

Writing a blog has been a trending concept in today’s websites. Blog not only updates and refreshes the contents of your website; it also connects you with your viewers and potential customers. WordPress allows you to create and manage a blog for your website easily which also helps in SEO and ranking of your website higher on search engines.

7. Easily extendable and versatile CMS:

WordPress is versatile and can be easily extendable according to your business size and needs. From single page website to thousands of pages, everything can be managed in professional way under wordpress platform.